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Allowing people with disabilities to live independently
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Destined 4 Dignity Organization, Inc. is a provider of supported living services in West Sacramento, California, to help individuals and communities maintain a stable mental health, residence, develop independent living skills, and access to community support.

Our nonprofit is unique because we have a behavioral therapy (ABA) clinical background that enables us to more wholly and successfully provide the social services that are needed by those with developmental and physical differences.

Many individuals with developmental and physical differences have access to a substantial amount of services during their childhood and adolescence. However, the amount of available options change once they reach young adulthood. That is why Destined 4 Dignity Organization, Inc. effectively addresses the proverbial “services cliff” that exists for individuals with developmental and physical differences once they reach young adulthood and beyond. We hope to be able to bridge the gap by providing these individuals with access to community and government resources that would enable them to continue to lead a life full of achievement and dignity.

Our SLS Mission

The mission of this program is to deliver Supported Living Services (SLS) to individuals with developmental and physical disabilities to promote their independence and empower them to maximize their active participation in their personal relationships and community.

Our ABA Mission

To ethically disseminate resources and therapeutic services based on the application of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapeutic evidence-based practices to promote the empowerment of persons with developmental disabilities to maximize their potential and minimize deficits in communication, socialization, and adaptive living skills.

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