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Supported Living Services (SLS) is grounded on these five principles:

  • Assisting consumers in establishing a home of their own
  • Assisting consumers in exerting choice in all life decisions
  • Utilizing circle of support to represent consumer interests
  • Continuous monitoring to ensure services are benefiting the consumer
  • Structuring and maintaining community involvement and durable relationships, and flexible, tailored services and supports. (Title 17 Section 58631(b))


The mission of this program is to deliver Supported Living Services (SLS) to individuals with developmental and physical disabilities to promote their independence and empower them to maximize their active participation in their personal relationships and community.

  • To ensure that consumers can choose a home of their own, D4D provides information and options for various living arrangements. D4D assists the consumer in finding and securing a home.
  • To ensure that consumers exert choice at all times, D4D encourages the use of their support system. If standard forms of communication are not used by the consumer, D4D utilizes the circle of support to represent the interests of the consumer.
  • To develop and strengthen the relationships of the consumer, D4D works closely with all members of their circle of support. D4D also offers caring staff who support the consumer in combating isolation, exploitation, and abuse.
  • To develop consumer membership within their community, D4D provides information for the consumer to join clubs, religious groups, and/or organizations.

Destined 4 Dignity Organization, Inc. maintains a directory of community and generic resources for the benefit of consumers. To allow for flexible tailored services and support, D4D uses a person-centered planning process to implement wants and needs established within each consumer’s service support plan. Each of these services is fully available through D4D. Destined 4 Dignity Organization, Inc. achieves these philosophical approaches by giving consumers control over all aspects of the services we provide. Consumers are encouraged to be autonomous as they advocate for the incorporation of their preferences into each type of service and/or resource they are offered to use.

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